Is a conceptual system of security procedures and mechanisms. Security project include organization methods of all security systems.
    Assumption of elimination internal and external security object risks is developing a security analyze. Determination of critical areas, risks, ways of object protection, considering the character of possible security risks we have to develop a level of protection with use of all parts and combinations of security services.


  • protection of external and internal surroundings of object and possible separation with security corridor
  • protection of entrance through security gate
  • dividing object to separated security zones
  • protection of entrance to security zones
  • circuit and jacket protection of single buildings and equipment object
  • fireproof protection of security zones, buildings and equipment in protected object
  • protection of company
  • articles protection of valuables

Complex safety measures for physical protection of proporties :

Is nessesary:
  • define environment of protected object
  • define hardware of object
  • determine risks and function of object
  • characterize and analyze external and internal environment

Importance of audits and projects
    Questions of security counseling are getting new meaning in these days. Repeating realization of audits followed with projects shows prosperity grow in audited company and reinforce their integrity. With right choice of realization analysis you can achieve essential improvement of security systems and lower your investment in to security. Following these principles and norms we are appropriate firm for realization of audits and projects. We are external company with security experience and with out commitment on customer or to technology supplier.