• avoid access of unauthorized person
  • access book, includes surname and given name
    of person, time of enter and exit
  • archiving access book for minimum of 3 years

With use of this system we can eliminate this risks:
  • arbitrary access
  • reducing movement of unknown personals
  • avoid damage on entrance door mechanism
  • not knowing about who and when enter the object

    Electronic registration of entry/exit is one part of security system which requires to use identification chips instead of hand writing registration book and allows to use one chip instead of keys

System is used for:
  • person access identification
  • enter/exit allowance
  • evidence of enters/exits.
Activity principles

    Electronic evidence system works on principle of perfect identification with reading equipment, comparing data with data base of authorized personals and allowing the access. With use of mechanical security elements and others electronic equipment we can transform this system to circuit or registration system.