Activity principles
Using camera systems in real situation needs good project preparation. We have to consider in what environment will be system operating. It could be environment with variance temperature, extreme high or low temperatures. It could be environment with which is very dusty or humid. Depend on size of monitoring areas and very important is also comfort of handling of system. Very important steps is to choose right configuration and components of camera system for individual situation.. Generally is not possible to make one project which we can follow for all situations and needs with optimal demanded characteristic, requirements for the client, satisfactory demands on quality level and technical finish and also final cost. This cost will generally comes from demands on system.

Requirement 1 : Detect violation of object with unwanted individuals
This requirement detect violation of object or area with assumption for detection of security system.

Requirement 2 : Area monitoring
Area monitoring with programmed path and automatic recording prevents from stealing and damaging property.

Requirement 3 : Fast moves of camera in case of alarm
Automatic focus of camera on violation zone, recording, alerts operators, allows visual check of alarmed zone and eliminate false alarms.

Requirement 4 : Using joystick for camera moves
Monitoring areas outside of programmed path of cameras.

Requirement 5 : Opportunity for different use of video signal
Video signal is possible to transmit to a different location and also to print frames from video tracks.

Requirement 6 : Recording and archiving of video signal in digital form
  • continue archiving of picture from camera
  • archiving of moments in camera shot
  • archiving in case of alarm
  • using one button to start recording

Requirement 7 : Sound notice of violation and important warnings
In case of alarm situation system alerts operator with sound or / and visual signal, also in case of technical problems with system.

Common principles of system
After installation of monitoring cameras system on certain spots, watching areas for 24 hours we create a camera surveillance which allows us to observe situation in real time, record and detect violation of object. Based on received information operator can react on situation in monitored areas on time.