Security audit is perform by our own employees. We are recommending to do set-out steps before any activity is started. Very important is meeting with management of the organization where we can clarify yours and ours requirements and go through steps of security audit.

Audit lay out :

1. Preparation stage :
    In this stage we create team of responsible people for audit, define their competence and prepare a plan for audit. We recommend that audit team will be made not only from our company employees but also from company employees where the audit is performed. Is very important co-operation between management because they will design all the requirements for audit in writing form, without help and support of management is almost impossible do all necessary arrangement for successful audit. We develop team project - managers responsible for single areas, time line and co-operation with management of your company. We will ensure to protect all company activities, guard privacy, integrity and information security.

2. Analyze of momentary state :
    The task is to gather all the information about structure and state of momentary security systems. Persons responsible for audit should have access to all information about security system and access to organization legislative about these systems.Based on collected information we will analyze a weak spots in system and possible threat in security. Our firm will provide you in writing form momentary state of security, weakness and possible threats. This material will be passed for discussion to company management.

3. Risks and problem analyst :
    This stage is related with previous stage. Here we will expand located problems and form second writing documentation with more detailed problem analyst.

4. Suggestion of solution and arrangements :
    Could be but does not have to be part of audit. Here we suggest possible solution of located problems. After discussion with management we create possible forms of technical and financial changes and also documents which include overall output of security audit.