Security electronic system for vehicles provides detail view about position, movement and violation of mobile hardware - GPS
    System works based on target coordinates which are sent through GPS system to operator working station. This data are evaluated and then transfer as a visual point on a map. According to that position is possible to start the search.

Vehicle security system is a complex of equipment which allows two function modes :
  • Movement monitoring of mobile objects
  • Logistics operation of mobile objects

    System links a mobile unit placed in monitoring object and operator working with information about position of object on map. Mobile unit use a GPS for obtaining information about position, speed and exact time of getting this information. All this messages with use of GSM are sent to monitoring work station.

System option :

    System is dedicated for complex control of motor vehicle. Cost of this service is optimize by using optimal algorithm. If alarm situation appears, mobile unit goes to higher security mode and starts sending information more often because now cost of message transfer is not longer important. All this information is also recorded to unit memory.
    Mobil unit is build-in hidden. System parameters follow the highest criteria for security purpose.That is also reason why after installation of this system the insurance company are giving discounts on insurance covers for motor vehicles.